About the Toros FC Youth Program U11-U14

  • U11-U14 Boys & Girls
  • Development First Focus
  • Highly-Licensed & Specialized Coaches
  • Technical Skills + Soccer Performance Training​
  • 2-3 Training Sessions/week (based on level/age)
  • Training time on private fields
  • KANSAS State Cup (Age-Based) + 2 Tournaments
  • Winter Training and Optional Play
  • FREE Clinics & Discounted Camps
  • Pathway to TOROS Senior Comp teams

The fundamental mission of our Youth Program is the long-term soccer and athletic development of the youth player.

Our coaching staff has more years of combined coaching & player development success than any other local club. We understand youth soccer development isn’t collecting trophies. And it doesn’t come with burning out players with overly structured drills and piling in more and more games.

It’s about building confidence and character and developing confidence. And it’s about instilling a love for playing soccer combined with technical and athletic development guidance that is both age-appropriate and backed by science.

Our youth program:

  • ​Emphasizes long-term development and a life-long love of the game.
  • Features an appropriate curriculum that develops technical skill, athletic abilities (our Soccer Performance program), and confidence through a fun and engaging environment.
  • Promotes character and learning the sport without fear of failure.
  • Educates parents on soccer development, opportunities and player pathways.
  • Accelerates soccer development and prepares younger players for playing at the most competitive levels at older ages.
  • Introduces players and families to The Toros Way
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