Soccer Performance Training

As part of the Dodge City Toros FC curriculum for player development, we have implemented “Soccer Performance Training” an athletic development training program for fostering athletic skills, as well as safe and effective movement patterns in our youth players.

This age-appropriate content is backed by sports science, and it’s micro-dosed over the course of an entire season within our overall periodization plan so as to not take away from the technical and tactical growth of the players. Players are challenged to develop basic movement patterns, safe landing and deceleration, and through multi-directional speed activities.

The program is developed under the concept of “contextualized training”. Contextualized physical training seeks to improve physical-conditional capabilities in a contextualized manner and with a direct transfer to the real football game.

Therefore, it is about making specific movements that players will carry out during official matches.

A contextualized practical example would be physical training for specific positions or, for example, the realization of a technical circuit with the objective of improving the ability to repeat technical actions (resistance to explosive strength and resistance to speed).

From this perspective, contextualized physical training allows us to integrate physical qualities into specific soccer game situations such as the player’s individual technique and tactics. The goal is to improve acceleration and speed but not in a vacuum or straight line. Soccer is a multi-directional sport and the focus is to improve their, strength, stopping, cutting, restarting, change of direction, acceleration and speed.


The program will include a warm-up with dynamic movements and stretching to bring the muscles through full ranges movement, which will help with blood flow circulation and prevention exercises, which will help reduce injuries.

During their 60 minutes of Soccer Performance Training, Andrew will help soccer athletes, 2014 through 2019, improve all soccer-specific skills and movements done “with the ball”. This program will enhance their soccer power, agility, coordination, strength and speed that are required during competition. As part of their 2-3 training sessions per week, this practice will be adding every two weeks to each team (60 minutes practice) for the upcoming year.

This program is led by a specialist coach, an experienced soccer coach who has been coaching by 10 years in youth programs. He will introduce a new and exciting program for TOROS Academy NPL teams U15 or older age Groups.
Soccer Performance Player Benefits

• Faster, Stronger Players
• Fewer Injuries
• Increased Agility & Coordination 
• Better Soccer Mechanics
• Improved Overall Health

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