About the TOROS Junior Program. The Dodge City Toros Elite Academy is adding a Junior Program in order to better serve our families with soccer play at younger ages. For 2021-2022, DCTFC will form teams (based on a team formation event) as young as U8 (or for boys or girls born in 2013).

They will be afforded high-quality coaching, dedicated technical and athletic development training, as well as an optional winter program. 

The fundamental goals of the Junior Competitive Program is to provide a high-quality introduction to competitive soccer where winning isn’t emphasized but rather learning good technique, developing early awareness of tactical concepts, and enhancing general athleticism along with soccer-specific coordination’s.

At the core of the program is having fun and building a love of the game.

Our Junior Competitive Program:​

*Introduces boys and girls to competitive play.
*Relies on US Soccer curriculum/methodology and emphasis experiential learning though small-sided games.
*Features an appropriate curriculum that develops technical skill and athletic abilities.
*Promotes fun and learning.
*Educates parents on soccer development, opportunities and player pathways.
*Accelerates soccer development and prepares younger players for playing at the most competitive levels at older ages.


Trust your player’s development to a program with a proven record of developing payers

Benefit from a technical and general athletic curriculum that promotes learning, confidence and a life-long love of the game.

Allow your player to grow without the pressure of failure and all soccer, all the time

All DCTFC teams competing in the Dodge City Youth Soccer league. Our guest policy is to sometimes allow players extra opportunities to get game experience. Players who are excelling at their current level will have the opportunity to play at a higher level or age group in order to service their soccer development needs. In other instances, guest playing may sometime be offered to cover roster spots when an older team has players unavailable and/or injured.


Our soccer programs are both developmentally-oriented and competitive in nature (something that increases with age). As such, playing time is an important component of our junior program.  All match-rostered players present are expected to play, and the goal is to provide each player an approximate minimum of 33% match time. Exact playing time is always affected by a number of factors, including, but not limited to, roster size, training attendance, adherence to team and club rules, as well as a player’s demeanor during a game (e.g., a player removed for rough play or “cautioned” may remain out of a match if they have not calmed down).

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