MINI Fury Soccer League

MINI Fury Soccer League 2021





A Program for Younger Players Ages (4-6)

Birth Years 2017-2014 

Players will be involved in a fun, fast paced, learning environment where Skill Development Activities & Games will help them improve their skills in game-like situations. Previous experience is not required for this program.

Note: Players will be grouped by age/experience for most of the teaching activities

Training will be age appropriate and the daily curriculum includes:

  • Coordination & Movement Skill Activities
  • Skills of the Day
  • Fun Games to Teach the Soccer Skills
  • Regular Soccer Games
  • There will be Snack after the day

Some of the many benefits of this program:

  • Coordination and balance (fine and gross motor development)
  • Self-confidence
  • Increased social and listening skills
  • Fun first (non-competitive)
  • Positive environment
  • US Soccer Licensed Coaches

Boys & Girls 

Players receive: Professional Soccer Training, and other “soccer super goodies”.

Season Registration will Start the Following week Games Saturdays Practice twice a week.  Parents interested can sign up that day.




Things to Bring

Things to bring:

1. Water bottle
2. Soccer shoes (or tennis shoes if soccer shoes not available)
3. Shin guards
4. Sunscreen
5. Snack
6. A small bag or duffel bag to hold all the above personal items.

We will train in the rain unless there is lightning or unless the rain is really bad. There is a shelter on site.  Please check our website daily for any weather updates.



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