Club Financial Obligations for the 2022-2023 Season

Contact 620-339-0576 DOC Andrew Delatorre to see if space is available.

Ages 2017-2010 Boys And Girls teams

MONTHLY TRAINING CONTRACT (fill out and take to coach) Charges on the day of the  month you join automatic. 3 forms total needed to Start down below. 




$20 Once a year Registration for State ID player Card

Financial Assistance(Scholarships Available)

Dodge City Toros has established a limited pool of funds to provide financial assistance to players from low income families who cannot afford the full cost of our Competitive program this is a scholarship type fund. Financial aid only applies to the Club’s Competitive dues and not tournament, uniform or travel expenses.  The maximum discount for these dues is 25 %. Eligibility for financial assistance is based on verified household income in accordance with the guidelines established for the Federal WIC program and on the availability of funds. For more information and for a financial aid application, please click here.  In addition, there are multiple fund raising opportunities for families who are interested.  Many Toros families pay for their entire program cost using the fundraising setup by Toros SC.

Program Cost

New Player Cost $100 First month includes First year State Registration fee.

Dodge City Toros SC has moved to a flat fee of $900 player for U9-U15 for the year.($75 a month X12 months)

This fee includes training facilities, training gear, administrative fees, and coaches salary.

Every participant will be required to pay a non-refundable $200.00 registration fee at time of registration once they accept their roster position on a competitive team.(Does not apply for Rec Local Level)

All tournament & League expenses will be passed back to the players on a team by team basis. Competitive Teams will play Spring & Fall leagues at Striker Complex in Wichita Kansas.  REC LEAGUES for Summer & Winter Cost $35-50 a season at the local league.

For all age groups, the fees can be paid in full at the time of acceptance or in two payments.  In addition, U7-U14 players will have an option of paying their fees on a monthly basis.($75 a month.) Siblings discount available.

ALL players/families within the Dodge City Toros SC program agree to participate from June of the current year through May of the following year. Some teams will additionally participate in the Kansas State Cup tournament which can often happen outside the aforementioned dates. At a minimum, the DCTSC program includes a fall outdoor season, a spring outdoor season, and training during the winter months.  At least two practices a week, and games or tournaments on the weekends occur during the fall and spring outdoor season. Indoor training is usually once or twice per week.  Families are expected to honor the commitment they make to their coach and team as well as their financial obligations. Families who do not pay their fees in a timely fashion will be listed as players in poor standing with KSYSA, disallowing them from participating with any Club programs until fees are brought current. Players may be benched until fees are paid.  Additionally, all club and team payments are to be paid in full even if players are unable to attend or participate due to injury or absence for any reason unless otherwise agreed upon and approved by the Dodge City Toros Soccer Club.


All players playing with Dodge City Toros will need to purchase a uniform kit. Extra jerseys, socks, and goalie gear can be purchased any time.  The exact fees are not yet determined, but estimated to be just under $150 for a full kit (home and away jerseys, home and away shorts, and 2 pair each of home and away socks.) We strive to use the same uniforms for at least 3 years to keep cost down. Replacements are available.

Current price is $65 for Uniform Kit (2 shirts, Shorts, and Socks.)

Practice Shirts are $20 a piece or $35 for 2.


There are no refunds on any of the 1st payment fees that are due.
There are no refunds on uniforms.

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