What is the Dodge City Toros Academy?

The Dodge City Toros Academy provides a professionally run, soccer academy model in Kansas. We focus on creating a high quality and consistent training environment in order to provide players a more competitive playing experience. We elevate the quality of soccer and development opportunity for the elite youth player, giving boys and girls (U6 and up), the opportunity to play at the highest level without having to leave Dodge City for training and home games.

Why choose the Elite Academy?

We believe in developing soccer talent in order to provide an effective conduit to collegiate and/or professional play. For decades, the best soccer talent in Dodge City had been at a significant disadvantage to their northern Kansas counterparts. Top players had to leave the city to find elite soccer development programs and the corresponding, highest-level play.

​In 2018, DCTFC was founded to fill that gap and still operates today with the mission of developing top soccer talent in Dodge City.

How does the Academy do things differently?

Our role, as a Dodge City wide program, is to take the most committed youth players to the next level. We build upon a player’s technical and tactical understanding by introducing players to professional training methods while working on the mental and physical aspects of their game so they may reach their full soccer potential. Our experienced and highly-licensed staff has coached teams at the elite levels of play–​professional, college, ODP/PDP–and has a strong record of developing players capable of playing in college and beyond.

The Dodge City Elite Academy also offers player a number of unique programs that help players gain an edge on the field. These include our SAQ+, Peak Performance, AdTEC (for youth players) as well as goalkeeper training. We also provide access to medical staff and trainers to help our players stay healthy and return to the field. And all our players receive detailed player evaluations twice annually and are watched carefully by our Directors of Coaching to make sure they are given development opportunities commensurate with their abilities and dedication. 

Why should we consider a new team?

Many players in our Academy come from “another” team at some point. In fact, we are proud that players at the Academy come from all parts of Kansas.

We also understand thinking about leaving a team and/or club isn’t easy. The decision on where you play soccer should always remain a personal one based on what is best for you/your player and your individual situation and soccer development. 

Our players and families tend to be those who are both excited and driven about the opportunity to take their  soccer to the next level——one that isn’t simply driven by more and more games; more and more meaningless tournaments featuring the same local teams; and more and more extra training or camps simply for the sake of staying on the field.

We also frequently hear from families how much they appreciate that DCTFC is a club that delivers on what it promises——from number of training sessions to getting extra fields and space to coaches being present to offering teams the highest level of play.

When a player joins our Academy program, they are a “player in our academy” as opposed to “our player.” We understand our job (like those that worked with them during their micro and early youth years) is to push them on to better soccer programs and playing situations when they’re ready. When our players get noticed by a college coach, an MLS, or US Soccer Scout, we support them in pursuing that interest to its conclusion.

For this reason, we put player development and player welfare above all else. A soccer career is a journey (much like education), and the important results should be measured at a few milestones along the way as opposed to weekend to weekend. Our program offers the dedicated soccer player, U6 through U19, boy or girl :a focused training environment with a better training-to-game ration than available at youth clubs, season training plans with proper rest and periodization, and participation only in the very best tournaments or showcases so players have a chance to be seen by scouts and/or college recruiters.

We also feel that playing soccer is about opening doors. The Academy welcomes players from all over Dodge City to our teams. We offer a large number of scholarships and financial aid options so that no player is ever turned away due to cost. And we are delighted to offer players the chance to work with the very best coaches in Dodge City, who assist players in identifying and pursuing college and/or professional play.

Where do Toros players train?

We believe training facilities are critical to player development. DCTFC welcomes and is thankful for the support of the Dodge City Recreation & Park Department, who often allow our teams to train twice a week on their soccer facilities. But we understand that committed players must have additional, planned training in order to continue their development and keep up with players in other markets.

All our top age-group teams receive a minimum of three sessions per week allocations with additional structured training on private soccer fields at places like the Rancho Santa Fe Complex, USD443 School fields. These facilities are enclosed soccer environments that allow players to focus on their coach, their session, and their play, and importantly provided added space to work on tactical development beyond the limitation of 1/4 fields provided by the city.

Where do Toros players compete?

But keep in mind that as early as age 11 for boys and 13 for girls youth soccer players begin to separate into U.S. Soccer Development Academies and shortly thereafter into NPL-level play. Players that remain in typical youth travel play at these ages.
In addition, players at DCTFC participate in prestigious college showcases. We don’t send players and teams to tournaments for tournaments’ sake, GotSoccer points, reciprocal arrangements between tournament directors, or to waste what might be valuable rest and recovery weekends. It’s about meaningful tournaments and showcases where players in the Academy can be seen or noticed by college recruiters or professional scouts.

What additional programs does Toros provide to support players?

DCTFC offers a number of extra programs that support players and families. These include our SAQ+ program for strength, agility, quickness and injury prevention; Goalkeeper-specific functional training sessions; Peak Performance meetings to support players’ sports psychology needs; College Pathway Program to help players identify good fits for college play and effectively introduce themselves to college coaches and staff.

How does the Academy determine tuition and financial aid?

Nearly all of our program revenue goes directly towards teams (registration, coaching, fields, and equipment), and we are proud to have little overhead in terms of staff, office space, and related expense compared to the typical youth club. Additionally, we have a stated goal of being fully funded. To that end, we’ve raised substantial financial support and sponsorship so that we never turn away any qualified player due to an inability to pay. Since our inception we’ve been providing financial aid, raising money and awareness, and creating the foundation for long-term stability. And we’ve done it with the kind of transparency and professional club governance that lead the U.S. Soccer Federation awarding us a U.S. Soccer Development Academy.
The important thing to know is that Academy has financial aid for qualified families. Please  Contact us for an application.

How can I learn more?

​Please  Contact us by email @Dodgecitytorosfc@gmail.com or give the office a call. Consider coming out to observe a training session or game. In addition, we are happy to connect prospective players and parents with existing ones who have indicated a willingness to share their experiences with the TOROS Elite Academy. 
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