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Mark Shelton Dodge City Globe
The Dodge City Toros’ season ended this week with a 2-1 loss to the Queensboro FC in Columbus, Ohio Aug. 7 in a battle for third place in the United Premier Soccer League (USPL) playoffs.
Two goals in the second half by Jonathan Santillan and Moussa Diarra of Queensboro sealed the fate of the Toros.
Cesar Solis scored the only goal for the Toros thanks to an assist from Tony de la Torre. de la Torre crossed the ball in front of the goal, where Solis finished it inside to score the goal.
“Making it to the final four in the UPSL playoff tournament is the opportunity that we have been preparing for,” Toros head coach Raul de la Torre said. “The players have worked hard to be able to get to this position and will grow as athletes through this experience.”
The soccer club further showcases Dodge City as a pillar for soccer in the state.
“The future continues to be promising for soccer in Dodge and we hope to inspire the youth players to continue growing so they may also achieve great things,” Coach de la Torre said.
Toros player Diego Olivares said it was a great feeling. “We accomplished so much in such a short amount of time with players we just met two months ago!” he said. “It means a lot getting to play for your hometown in a final four game. It’s not every day you can do that.”
The Toros are looking forward to the start of the 2023 season when they hope to return to the final four to the UPSL championship.
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“Bajo mi liderazgo, UFCW Local 2, estamos comprometidos en apoyar el deporte infantil, juvenil, y en general para crear una sociedad saludable y por el bien estar de nuestras familias y la clase trabajadora.”

“Under my leadership, UFCW Local 2 is committed to supporting youth, children’s sports, and related activities in order to create a healthy society for the well-being of our families and the working class.”-Martin Rosas, President of UFCW Local 2.

Over the past 3 years the UFCW Local 2 has been a vital Sponsor for youth soccer. The continued support really makes a difference in our community. Dodge City is known for there industrial jobs and the community that powers them.

“Dodge City is a very special place where we have family’s from different parts of the world who are just trying to provide there kids with a better life. Soccer is by far the most popular sport in the world and Dodge City. Its very special to see kids play soccer from Guatemala, Mexico, Somalia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and different places. They may not speak the same language but when they are out there playing they all understand one thing…… Soccer. The sport is very important for the well being of the community.” – Andrew Delatorre, DCTSC President.

With such a high demand for soccer its crucial to have the support of local businesses and community members. The Club Started in 2017 with the Mini Fury. We had 21 players back then, now sitting in 2022 after Covid the numbers have Grown to 300+ players. Toros Soccer Club experience a high demand from the community and we estimate by the year 2027 over 900 boys and girls playing the sport. We have to provide an education to a huge demand in Ford County. As of 2022 We are a 501c3 non profit with the goal of growing our services every year.

Martin Rosas and his organization were delighted to support the project of bringing in a UPSL team to South West Kansas. The organization is building the steps for our youth. Now they can watch big games and be inspired to grow in to a healthy lifestyle right next door at Memorial Stadium this year. Dodge City Toros SC is constantly providing the best experience possible for the soccer community.

“This kids love soccer, granted when we were all kids we would imagine ourselves in a stadium pretending to be our favorite player. Dodge City Toros SC wants to provide the pathway in small southwest Kansas for kids to play college with Scholarships or be noticed by professional teams.”- Julio Ramirez DCTSC Board Member.

“Born and raised in Dodge City, Soccer really kept me out of trouble and guided me down a healthy lifestyle. Yes it was never very organized growing up locally playing the sport, but I was lucky enough to play College and University with a scholarship. I see a huge demand for kids that want to play and have a team they can be proud of. From the mini Fury all the way to the Semi professional team right here in our peaceful hard working town of Dodge City Kansas. We are truly thankful for the support of our sponsors as they are a crucial part to the organization.” – DCTSC President Andrew Delatorre.



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