2022 Futsal Field

A fast-paced type of mini-soccer will be played in Dodge City with the opening of a new futsal court at Rancho Santa Fe Complex.

Crews worked this week to transform an old VHT tile floor to an Elite Futsal soccer Surface for the Dodge City Community.

Rancho Santa Fe Owners Stated,

“It’s taken more than 3 years to get the project across the finish line, in part due to delays because of COVID-19 and excessive property tax problem with Ford County. But the court is Just about Finished and we look forward to providing our growing community the resources they deserve. Its a great surface for multi sports as well as volleyball and basketball. We made sure to test it out ourselves.”

With the growing demand in the Sport Rancho Santa Fe and Dodge City Toros Soccer Club worked an agreement for the youth soccer community that has been expanding every year.

Dodge City Toros Club President Andrew Delatorre said “futsal uses a smaller, heavier ball and emphasizes foot work. With a much smaller playing surface than traditional soccer, in addition the game is played so much quicker and the court also provides our youth organization the opportunity to play during the winter. We are known through out the state for our technical skilled players and Futsal is a Dodge City Traditional Sport.”

Rancho Santa Fe LLC worked with investors and community members to fund the Field.

Rancho Santa Fe LLC in Dodge City Kansas has answered the call of futsal, one the fastest growing sports in the world. This fast-paced variation of indoor soccer demands consistent ball speed, superior traction for player performance and the option of portability.

SnapSports surfaces are United States Futsal Federation (USFF) approved and have appeared in many national and international tournaments.

“As the President and CEO of United States Futsal, I am proud to say that our partnership with SnapSports is well into its fourth year. Each year SnapSports continues to prove that they are the industry leader in athletic surfacing, designing and manufacturing cutting edge products that far surpass the competition.”

~ Alexander J.C. Para – President & CEO, United States Futsal.

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